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9 Tips to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram – Instagram has caught the attention of marketers around the world. This trend can be said to be relatively new, along with the tremendous growth of followers on Instagram social media.

This social media has more than 600 million monthly active users with the highest engagement rate compared to any other social media platform.

This fact certainly makes Instagram very attractive to a marketer who is trying to have a better relationship with the audience.

However, of course you also know that the attention of many audiences does not just get it, but there must be some effort to get it.

There are several ways you can do to get the attention of a large audience to see more about your business through Instagram. Here are 8 tips you can do to grow your audience engagement:

Use strong, solid colors

Your first job is to do what most people don’t do. All of your competitors will probably just do what most people have done, and hope to get a good reaction.

However, in reality you have to be different from most. Show something unique and different so it can grab attention in an instant.

According to a study by Curalate, images with blue as predominance tend to be preferred over other colors.

However, an image that is dominated by one color almost always outperforms an image without color dominance.

Pastikan sebagian besar (jika tidak semua) fitur gambar Anda memiliki satu warna yang kuat untuk membantu bisnis keluar di newsfeed.

Use the call to action

Just as is the case with any other online marketing strategy, if you want to see results, you need a strong call to action.

Your home will only get conversions if you tell your followers what to do. Invite businesses to sign up for email lists, buy products or just subscribe.

Instagram operates on the same principle; If you don’t give your followers a clear call to action, they are less likely to take any action.

For example, if you want your followers to hit your site, give the business a good reason for that.

In this case, you have to include your link on your profile because Instagram doesn’t let you post the link directly.

If you want your business to like your photos, offer a conditional message like. “Like this picture if it’s very related to you.”

Encourage followers to discuss

A strong call to action will encourage multiple levels of involvement and a discussion.

You can write a strong opinion and invite contrasting points of view from followers on social media, or just ask your followers.

Its purpose is to get followers to talk among one another. Once you have two or three comments and the discussion starts you can get involved in giving your opinion. Be careful not to be too political or controversial.

Use the right hashtags

When used properly, hashtags are a powerful channel for achieving better visibility for your posts.

People use hashtags to find images that fit a particular theme, so any hashtag you use can increase the chances of your image showing in those search results.

However, be careful not to over-stuff your images full of hashtags; If you use too much, or use a few inappropriately, you can lose followers rather than encourage more engagement.

Include the face

The face is the first place we see when we meet someone new, hang out with someone or try to recognize someone from afar; It’s no secret why we are attracted to business.

The face triggers strong emotions in us, and helps us form a strong impression of our environment.

Including faces in your Instagram pictures can encourage more social connections with your followers, and therefore, more ongoing contact. Make sure to use real people, not stock images.

A-B tests your caption strategy

Your text can have a strong effect on your followers’ interactions, although you should still focus on the image.

Pay close attention to how long your captions, choice of words and intonation seem to influence the likes and comments each of your updates receives.

The initial pattern may not be obvious, but over time, you will notice several factors that can clearly grab the attention of your audience.

Cross Promotion

If your business has a platform other than Instagram (as it should be), make good use of cross-promotion.

Share your Instagram posts on your Twitter and Facebook profiles to a minimum, because the followers there will represent different demographics and will have more comment options.

If you have a network with well-known influencers, you may also be able to use it as a network extension for the development of your business.

Use the InstaStory feature

Currently almost 80% of Instagram users see every insta story that is displayed. This feature has become something very powerful for promotional media.

Don’t forget to take advantage of it, because you might be surprised at the results you get.

In this case, you can also advertise paid by displaying your insta story beyond the scope of your followers.

Learn to post properly

Some surveys say that the “best” time to update on Instagram is the weekday between 7am and 10pm.

Some also say that Saturday nights are better. The results you get may vary, so take the time to learn how your specific audience is responding, and adapt your strategy to suit business needs.

Make sure to mix it up every now and then so your account doesn’t become too stale or predictable.

With the growth of better audience engagement, jasa digital marketing consumers will also grow rapidly by themselves.

Marketing through social media appropriately can be the most effective tool you can do. This is because the number of social media users has grown immensely in today’s market.

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